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We killed Twitter, again.

This time it was from an excess of Love – Of the less-than-three (“<3") variety.

My screen was filled with hundreds of messages like these two:
Less than Three’s for everyone.

For the non-Twitter’ers out there, the Twitter folks added a way to send a special type of tweet. By entering “@username <3" - it would transform the ordinary tweet, into this special type of message. It also results in that person getting a "Do you love (sender)?" prompt, with a button to quickly reply. This novelty, combined with the easy reply, lead to a major increase in the number of Tweets for valentines day, and thus Twitter slowing down / refusing to respond for many people (including me). Edit: Here's a better screenshot of what was/is going on (read from bottom up) Less than 3 (more)

Readers of XKCD (one of my favourite webcomics) may remember this strip:
I've looked into this, and I can't figure out a way to do it cheaply.  And I guess it wouldn't be sanitary.

Well, Randal Munroe (the genius behind XKCD) recently decided to get a ball pit instead of a new couch.

I agree.. the results look really awesome.

(This is for the folks who didn’t see this post on Facebook)

_MG_7254 This is Claude, he’d just like to let you know that he really dislikes:
– Vampires
– Werewolves
– Zombies
– People who Poke/Prod
– And other silly Facebook applications

Claude says he’ll come visit all the people who send these through.

Just… y’know, so you know what to expect.

PS: Claude is a Huntsman Spider. He’s currently residing in my bedroom, and plays around on Facebook and Twitter whilst I’m asleep.

Last weekend I installed Windows Mobile Device Centre, and it asked me if I’d like to download some additional updates/applications.  I said yes, and was asked to create an account and fill in a survey about where and when I got my Windows Mobile powered device. 

Obviously Microsoft’s improved their user tracking technology, and know I’m actually a time-lord in human form (Those Chameleon Arches are really something!).  


For those wondering why Microsoft chose to stop at 2015? Well, lets just say that after the great Mobile Device Wars between the Googlites and Microsoftians, many lives and OSs were lost.

PS: WTB, 1x [ TARDIS ]  Pref. with Chameleon Circuit active. You know where to contact me.

I got myself a new phone yesterday – Nokia 6233, seems okay, has some decent improvements from my Nokia 6610i, most notably being a 2Mpx camera, and a slot for a microSD card.

And given that it has an expansion slot, I had to fill it, and I placed the order with AusPCMarket.

Today, the card arrived, and, well… I just had to take some pictures (with the phone, ofcourse):

Not so MicroSD card?
Thats strange – I thought these cards were supposed to be small.

Oh, wait - there’s more packaging. Perhaps they’re fragile?
Maybe they’re just really fragile.

I’ll skip the 3 minutes of me struggling to open the heat-sealed rigid plastic packaging.

Ah, access at last! Yes, that’s it on the left. The tiny black dot.

Ah, there’s the microSD card on the left – with it’s SD Card adaptor. on the right.

One thing I will say, is that AusPCMarket are really good – if something is in stock, you’ll probably find it arrives early the next morning. And, as shown, they don’t skimp on packaging.

This is my response to Frank Arrigo and Brian H Masden:

LOLSeal - TechEd via LOLCat Builder

If you don’t know what the LOLCat craze is all about, Wikipedia has the answers (as usual).

Are you scared yet? :)

Oh – and the original image is mine – took it in Austria, actually.

Randall is the guy behind XKCD – “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” as he puts it.   The comic is so chock full of geeky goodness, that it’s just about required reading as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, Randall went to MIT to give a lecture a few days, and, well – it looks like they all had a whole lot of fun. Except for the presence of RC Velociraptors. (At least appropriate countermeasures were available).

Someone also dropped plastic playpen balls from the roof , which had stickers with some certain… numbers on them that the AACS don’t want you to have.

Pictures galore over on the MIT Site.

Speaking of certain magic censored numbers – Thinkgeek have the appropriate t-shirt.

Q: Why did the Irishman wear two condoms?
A: To be sure, to be sure.
(Apologies to any Irish who happen to be reading this.)

I’m currently working on a project where I need to upgrade an application to support some new functionality.   This application was originally written by others,

While I was doing a review of the code, I found a segment like this (names anonymised):

        CountOfIDs = ds.Tables("SomeTable").Rows.Count
        Select Case CountOfIDs
            Case 0
                ' Do Nothing 
            Case Is >= 1
                If CountOfIDs >= 1 Then
                    ' Do Something
                End If
        End Select

Those IDs are slippery little things – better check twice, to be sure.
(Hint for the C#/C++/etc readers: VB doesn’t need a ‘break’ statement to exit a select/switch block)

One of the blogs I host is having some issues, and I’ve done everything I can to fix it. So, the last resort is to contact the folks I get my web hosting from.

On their support form, you need to jump through a few hoops to demonstrate that you’ve done all things you’re supposed to, to try and fix it yourself – it’s not terribly complicated anyway. But when you’re finally submitting a ticket to them, there’s a prioritisation option which always gives me a chuckle:

Just another reason why I like Dreamhost (Over 2 years with them now, yay!) 

Oh, and they’ve done their bit for the environment too – by going carbon neutral.

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.