If, like me, you find Windows Live Messenger’s “Smart Screen” link interception annoying, you can “disable” it.


Just edit your hosts file, and add the following on a new line at the end.   link.smartscreen.live.com

The server at that IP address will just do a regular HTTP Redirection, sending your link on it’s way quick smart. No nanny-net b.s.


PS: This server is run by me, and, technically, I could do bad things like redirecting you to malware. I promise I won’t.


Edit: Oops, got the wrong IP. my bad.

Edit,  2012-04-26:  Smartscreen Fights Back

Edited 2012-06-25: IP Address has changed to – please update your hostfiles accordingly.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I vouch for Will’s trustworthiness!

  2. Scott C says:

    Hey mate. Hope all is well.

    Scott C