Windows Live Writer is an interesting bit of blog-client software.  It offers some MS Word-like features, but simpler – and lets you do blogging in a fairly light-weight and easy-to-use environment.

There are, however – things that really drive me up the wall with it, and there hasn’t been any new updates to LiveWriter for a long time. (August 11th, sheesh?!)

#1 – Image Quality

The LiveWriter has this annoying habit of blurring the pictures which are copied in, unless you remove it’s dropshadowing.

Here’s an example:

(with default drop-shadow setting)

(with photo-paper setting)

(with “Inherit from Weblog” setting)

It doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t change the default to “inherit”, and you can’t fix the blurring – Microsoft needs to fix this. Now.

You can tell blog entries that have been published with LiveWriter, simply by their image quality.

Here’s a completely non-random sampling of my morning’s RSS reading:

The common theme? (Apart from being Microsoft bloggers) They were all published with Windows Live Writer. The key indicator is that there’s dropshadows and blur on the images. Which makes them look (sorry guys) like those joke images that’ve been passed around, embedded in powerpoint documents sent via email through just about every person on the planet.

#2 – Dictionary Support

Having a spell-checker is kinda handy when you’re blogging – and I like that it operates like Outlook’s “spellcheck-on-send” feature.

The thing that really drives me up the wall is that you can’t install other dictionaries. Heck, it won’t even use the installed Office dictionary. 


 #3 – No Integrated Proxy Support

This isn’t so much of an issue, most of the time – but even my basic .NET apps let you use the windows account for authentication – it’s about 3 lines of code, plus some switching logic to determine if you need to use this setting.

This also means my password is sent in cleartext (rather than used to obtain a Kerberos token, which is used to authenticate against the proxy), and that I need to keep updating it (passwords expire every 60 days or so here).




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  1. bob says:

    I buy your criticisms 100%. Still, I find Live Writer the single best blogging tool I’ve tried. It so simplifies my blogging, makes it so much more enjoyable, I can’t believe I blogged without it. No kidding — no exaggeration.

    Is there an alternative I’ve missed? I’ll give it try. Or is this just constructive criticism? If that’s the case, I second your motion.

  2. Will says:

    I was looking for alternative blogging software, Bob – but havn’t had much luck so far.

    This was mainly a bit of a rant. Whether it’s constructive crisicism, is another thing :)

  3. alikl says:

    Will, i think i found workaround for image rendering problem.
    check this out: